The Luxurious Ferretti Yacht: Your Key to the High Life

What does Ferretti mean?

The name Ferretti originates from Italy, and it means “little ferret”. The ferret, known for its agility and speed, is a fitting symbol for a brand that prides itself on luxury and performance.

The founder of Ferretti Yachts, Norberto Ferretti, chose this name to represent his vision of creating yachts that were both elegant and powerful.

Today, Ferretti Yachts have become a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and style in the world of luxury yachting.

History of Ferretti Yacht

Ferretti Yachts is a leading luxury yacht manufacturer based in Italy. It all started back in 1968, when two brothers, Norberto, and Alessandro Ferretti, established a small boatyard in Forli, Italy.

Initially, the company built motorboats, but it soon expanded into the production of luxury yachts.

Ferretti Yachts also expanded its production facilities, establishing a new shipyard in Cattolica, Italy.

By the 1990s, Ferretti Yachts had established itself as a premier luxury yacht brand. In 1994, the company made its debut at the Genoa Boat Show with its flagship yacht, the Ferretti 53. The Ferretti 53 quickly became a bestseller and set the tone for the company’s future success.

Today, the company offers a wide range of luxury yachts, from the compact Ferretti 450 to the stunning Ferretti 1000. Ferretti Yachts remains at the forefront of the industry, setting the standard for luxury yachting around the world.

Who owns Ferretti Group?

In 2012, the Ferretti Group was acquired by Chinese multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company, Weichai Group.

The Ferretti Group is a larger company that oversees multiple luxury yacht brands. In addition to Ferretti Yacht, the group also owns Pershing, Riva, Custom Line, and CRN.

Where are Ferretti boats made?

Ferretti Yachts are made in Italy and Brazil.

The company’s headquarters are in Forlì, in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. It is here where the Ferretti Yachts shipyard is located. It spans an area of 25,000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of around 60 boats.

Aside from the Forlì shipyard, Ferretti Yachts also has a shipyard in Cattolica, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. This facility specializes in building hulls and superstructures using the latest composites technology.

In addition to its Italian facilities, Ferretti Yachts also has a shipyard in Brazil. Located in the southern city of Itajaí, the shipyard produces boats for the South American market.

How many employees does Ferretti group have?

As of 2021, the Ferretti Group employs over 1,500 people across the globe. These employees work in a variety of roles, including design, engineering, production, sales, marketing, and customer service.

What is the largest Ferretti yacht?

The largest Ferretti yacht currently available is the Ferretti 1000, which measures 100 feet in length.

Features include a spacious flybridge with seating and a Jacuzzi, a hydraulic swim platform, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

Here are the specifications and prices for the Ferretti 1000:

  • Length overall: 100 ft (30.48m)
  • Maximum beam: 22 ft 5 in (6.83m)
  • Draft at full load: 7 ft 6 in (2.30m)
  • Fuel capacity: 3,500 US gal (13,249L)
  • Water capacity: 423 US gal (1,601L)
  • Engine options: 2x MTU 16V 2000 M96L (2,638 hp) or 2x MTU 16V 2000 M86 (2,218 hp)
  • Maximum speed: 28 knots
  • Cruising speed: 24 knots
  • Range: 350 nautical miles at cruising speed
  • Accommodations: 5 staterooms for up to 10 guests, with a crew of 5

The price of the Ferretti 1000 starts at approximately $10 million USD, depending on customization options and additional features.

Here is a good video to walk you through this big yacht Ferretti 1000

What is the top speed of Ferretti yacht?

The top speed of a Ferretti yacht varies depending on the model and size of the vessel. The smaller models in the range can reach top speeds of around 35-40 knots, while the larger yachts can go even faster, with some reaching speeds of up to 45 knots or more.

Ferretti 920- High Speed

The Ferretti 920 is a great choice for those who want a spacious and comfortable yacht with impressive performance and range.

Here are some of the key features and specifications that make it stand out:

  • Length: 92 feet (28.18 meters)
  • Beam: 22 feet 4 inches (6.80 meters)
  • Draft: 6 feet 7 inches (2.00 meters)
  • Fuel capacity: 3,000 gallons (11,355 liters)
  • Water capacity: 450 gallons (1,703 liters)
  • Engine: MTU 16V 2000 M96L
  • Power: 2,638 horsepower
  • Maximum speed: 31 knots
  • Range: 360 nautical miles
  • Accommodations: 5 cabins (including a full-beam master suite), 5 heads, and crew quarters for up to 4
  • Design features: panoramic windows, hydraulic swim platform, spacious flybridge with Jacuzzi, outdoor dining area, and more
  • Base price is around $10 million

Who owns Ferretti yachts?

Ferretti Yachts is a popular choice among the rich and famous, with many celebrities opting for their luxurious and stylish design.

Actor Johnny Depp is a proud owner of a custom-designed Ferretti 881, which he named “Vajoliroja” after his family. The yacht features an elegant interior with a spacious salon and three cabins, as well as a large outdoor deck area perfect for entertaining.

Musician Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, own a Ferretti Navetta 33 Crescendo, a spacious yacht with plenty of room for relaxation and entertainment. The yacht includes a full bar, a hot tub, and a spacious flybridge perfect for taking in the views.

Famed director Steven Spielberg owns a stunning Ferretti 960 named “Seven Seas,” featuring a sleek and modern design and ample space for up to 12 guests. The yacht also boasts a top-of-the-line entertainment system and an impressive cruising speed.

Other celebrity owners of Ferretti Yachts include Italian soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, and fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.

Popular models of Ferretti yacht

Here are some of the most popular models of Ferretti Yacht:

1. Ferretti Yacht 450: The Ferretti Yacht 450 is a compact yacht that’s perfect for small families or groups. Despite its size, it has all the luxury amenities one can expect from a Ferretti Yacht, such as a flybridge and a spacious deck.

2. Ferretti Yacht 550: This is the perfect yacht for those who love to entertain. The Ferretti Yacht 550 has a huge saloon and cockpit, and a flybridge that can accommodate several people. It also has three cabins, each with its ensuite bathroom.

3. Ferretti Yacht 780: The Ferretti Yacht 780 is a beautiful yacht that exudes luxury. Its exterior and interior are both impressive, with large windows that provide a panoramic view of the surroundings. It can accommodate up to 8 guests and has a crew cabin.

4. Ferretti Yacht 850: If you’re looking for a yacht with a more spacious layout, the Ferretti Yacht 850 might be what you need. This yacht has four cabins, each with its ensuite bathroom, and can accommodate up to 10 guests. It also has a crew cabin for two.

Ferretti Yacht 450

The Ferretti Yacht 450 is a sleek and stylish yacht that measures 14.50m in length and 4.34m in beam, and it boasts a maximum speed of 31 knots. Here are some of its key specifications:

  • Engine: 2 x Volvo Penta D6-IPS 600 (2 x 435 mhp)
  • Fuel capacity: 1200L
  • Water capacity: 500L
  • Accommodation: 2 cabins, 2 bathrooms, 1 crew cabin
  • Price: Starting from $2 million

Here is a good video on a Ferretti 450

Ferretti Yacht 550

The Ferretti Yacht 550 is a luxurious vessel designed for ultimate comfort and style. it’s the perfect yacht for cruising through open waters in style.

Here are some of the key specifications of the Ferretti Yacht 550:

  • Length: 56 feet
  • Beam: 15.3 feet
  • Draft: 4.9 feet
  • Fuel Capacity: 740 gallons
  • Water Capacity: 174 gallons
  • Engine: Twin MAN V8 1000 hp

As for the price, the Ferretti Yacht 550 can range from $2.5 million to $3.5 million depending on the customization and features.

Ferretti Yacht 780

The Ferretti Yacht 780 is one of the most popular models in the Ferretti Yacht lineup. It is a luxurious yacht with an impressive size and great features that make it perfect for long trips or entertaining guests.

Below are some of the specifications of the Ferretti Yacht 780:

  • Length: 78ft
  • Beam: 19ft
  • Draft: 6ft
  • Fuel capacity: 2,100 gallons
  • Water capacity: 290 gallons
  • Engine options: Twin MAN V12 engines
  • Maximum speed: 33 knots
  • Cruising speed: 28 knots
  • Accommodations: 4 cabins (including a full-beam master suite) and 4 heads
  • Interior finishes: High-gloss woodwork and top-of-the-line materials
  • Entertainment systems: State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and multimedia systems
  • Deck layout: Spacious outdoor living areas with plenty of seating, sun loungers, and a large dining table

In terms of pricing, the Ferretti Yacht 780 starts at around €4,500,000 ($5,200,000 USD), making it one of the more expensive options in the Ferretti Yacht range.

Ferretti Yacht 850

The Ferretti Yacht 850 is an ultra-luxurious yacht that combines high-end amenities and sophisticated design. This yacht measures 85 feet in length and offers spacious living areas both inside and out.

Here are the specifications for this stunning yacht:

  • Length overall: 85 ft (26.0 m)
  • Beam: 21 ft (6.45 m)
  • Draft: 6 ft (1.80 m)
  • Fuel capacity: 2,244 US gal (8,500 L)
  • Water capacity: 343 US gal (1,300 L)
  • Max speed: 30 knots
  • Accommodations: 4 cabins, 4 heads
  • Engine options: MTU 10V 2000 M94, MTU 12V 2000 M94

The starting price for the Ferretti Yacht 850 is around €5,200,000 EUR (approximately $6,146,000 USD), but the final price will depend on the chosen options and customizations.

Ferretti vs Azimut

Ferretti Yachts is known for its iconic Italian designs, with models ranging from 45 to 100 feet in length. Their yachts are known for their sophisticated style, spacious interiors, and cutting-edge technology.

One of the key features of Ferretti yachts is their use of state-of-the-art materials and engineering, which ensures the utmost in safety and performance.

On the other hand, Azimut Yachts is a more diverse brand, with models ranging from 34 to 120 feet in length.

Azimut yachts are known for their attention to detail, luxurious interiors, and customizable options. They also pride themselves on their eco-friendly initiatives, with yachts that feature hybrid propulsion systems and other sustainable technologies.

  • Ferretti yachts offer classic Italian style and high-tech performance, while Azimut yachts provide greater customizability and a focus on sustainability.

Ferretti or Sunseeker


One of the main differences between Ferretti and Sunseeker is their design approach. Ferretti is known for its sleek, Italian styling, while Sunseeker tends to have a more traditional, British look.


Ferretti’s yachts range from 27 to 100 feet, while Sunseeker’s yachts start at around 40 feet and go up to 155 feet. However, both companies offer custom options for those looking for something specific.


Both Ferretti and Sunseeker yachts are known for their speed, stability, and smooth handling.

However, some may argue that Ferretti yachts offer better handling and maneuverability, On the other hand, Sunseeker yachts are praised for their sporty and agile performance, making them ideal for watersports and cruising at high speeds.

Ownership experience

Ferretti owners can take advantage of the company’s Privilege Program, which offers exclusive access to events, concierge services, and discounts on Ferretti merchandise. Sunseeker offers a similar program called Sunseeker Rewards.


Ferretti yachts tend to be slightly more expensive than their Sunseeker counterparts. This is large because Ferretti yachts are often customized to the owner’s specifications, whereas Sunseeker yachts have a more standardized approach.