Why Do Boaters Hate Jet Skis?

Boaters hate jet skis because a group of people runs the jet skis carelessly and irresponsibly. They drive jet skis fast and loud and put others in danger.

Problem #1 Speedy

Jet Skis are built fast. The average speed of jet skis is between 40 to 70 mph (miles per hour).

It is ok for jet skis to go 60 or 70 mph in an open area but not close to people or other boats.

Some jet skiers go 60 miles an hour where kids are swimming. It is easy to knock over a child and kill him/her.

Some jet skiers are speedy everywhere. They do not slow down at no-wake zone. They also do not wait their turn at the launch ramps.

Problem #2 Loud

A jet ski is actually not as loud as a motor boat.

But most people in a boat are going somewhere, jet skis drive around in small circles, and make big waves. After a while, their loudness annoys everyone close by.

It is common to see a jet ski blast 10 feet away from where people fishing.

Problem #3 Inexperience

There are quite a lot of jet skiers who do not have any knowledge of boating and marine rules. They either rent the skis or ride their friend’s jet skis. Since they are inexperienced so they ride close to other boats or people. They cross in front of others.

They are not aware that they put themselves and other boats in a dangerous situation.

Problem #4 Reckless

There are many experienced jet skiers who own their skiers a couple of years, but they are arrogant. They think that they have been on the water their whole life, so they knew their stuff.

These jet skis owners know the boat rule but ignore it. They are blasting through the swim zone. They fly through an anchored boat leaving huge wakes next to people or letting people soak in water.

These reckless persons on the water put many other boat owners in danger or damaged boats.

Problem #5 Design

Jet skis are fun because of their design. Jet ski is designed to make a sharp turn, accelerate fast, and at high speed.

These fun designs can make experienced boaters losing track of their surroundings, not even to mention some inexperienced, careless operators.

It is even worse if the operator is a first- time teenage.

Is Jet ski dangerous?

It is common for people to fall off jet skis. Some riders take this as a thrill and enjoy it. Some of them are not so lucky and may be seriously injured from jet propulsion.

Based on the U.S. Coast guard recreational boating statistics there are 4439 accidents involving 658 deaths in 2021 (uscgboating.org). The top 1 primary accident is caused by collision. The top 1 vessel type with the top casualty is an open motorboat. Jet ski is one of the open motorboats.

According to a U.S. Coast guard, 2000 report Jet skis are involved in more than 30% of all boating accidents and approximately 40% of all boating injuries (based on stopthrillcraft.org)

Jet skis vs. motorcycles

Many people compare jet skis to motorcycles

There are many bad jet skiers like bad motocyclist, rude, loud, swirling in the traffic, and putting others in danger.

There are also good jet skiers and good motocyclist. Many of them quiet, polite and considerate the people around them.

There can be a lot of fun for jet skiers and motocyclists, if they learn the rule and be respectful.

What is the real problem with jet skis?

The jet skis are not the problem, it is the people running them. These inexperience and unruly riders are real problems behind jet skis.

Boaters hate jet skis because they are doing all kinds of crazy things close to people or other boats. They cut in front of other vessels, zig- zag through narrow channels, and fly through a no-wake zone.

Not every rider is careless, only the small group of thoughtless skiers cause boaters to hate them.

Jet skis nick names

People hate jet skis so much and they call this group of jet skier peskies.

There is also people call jet skis: the gnats of the sea, the sea fleas, or the cockroaches of the sea

Are jet skis bad for the environment?

Jet skis are bad for the environment because of air pollution and shoreline erosion it created (based on www.stopthrillcraft.org)

  • Smog forming air pollution
    • Based on the California air resources board that a day’s ride on a 100 horsepower jet ski emits the same amount air pollution as driving 100,000 miles in a passenger car.
  • Shoreline erosion
    • Jet skis can go to shallow water that other watercrafts can not. Jet skis make big wakes around shoreline. Wake waves from jet skis can create serious shoreline erosion.

Final thought

We designed a fun toy of jet skis for people to have fun on the water, but we do not have rules to let people behave once they ride on the jet skis.

We do not let people drive on the road if they did not pass the test, but we let people drive jet skis on the water without any marine knowledge.

Jet ski operators need to be educated. There should be a law that requires people have a couple of years of boating experience before being allowed to buy one or rent one jet ski. This law not only protects boaters but also jet skiers.