How Does SHEIN Deliver Your Items? (Explained)

What is SHEIN?

SHEIN is a Chinese online fast-fashion retailer. SHEIN is famous for its affordable price of apparel. This company’s slogan is ” Make fashion affordable to any person”.

SHEIN was founded in 2008 in China by Chris Xu. Although SHEIN is based in China, they ship apparel to over 220 countries. SHEIN’s biggest consumer market is in the US. This company’s original name is SHEINSIDE and updated its name in 2015 to SHEIN.

SHEIN’s main product is apparel. SHEIN carries roughly 600,000 items on its platform. SHEIN specializes in fast fashion, low-price, low to middle-quality clothes.

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Where are SHEIN clothes shipped from?

SHEIN used to ship clothes from China because its main warehouse is in mainland China. If you purchase clothes on its website in old days, it might take over 10 days to ship to you.

Now SHEIN has fulfillment centers all around the world. Their main fulfillment center in the US is in Los Angeles. So now you can get your items as fast as 4 days as long as they are not out of stock in the LA warehouse.

What carriers does SHEIN use to deliver?

SHEIN uses DHL, USPS, and UPS to ship and return shipments.

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SHEIN’s shipping methods

SHEIN offers 3 types of shipping methods: Standard shipping, Express shipping, and QuickShip

  • Standard shipping
    • standard shipping is free for orders over $29.
    • average delivery time is between 11~14 days
  • Express shipping
    • the express shipping is free if your order is over $129, otherwise, the cost is $12.90.
    • average delivery time is between 5~9 days.
  • Quickship
    • quick ship is only provided on certain items.
    • any items labeled with a Quickship tag are eligible for this service.
    • This service is free if the order exceeds $9.9, otherwise, the cost is $3.99.
    • average delivery time is between 3~7 days.

How to track your SHEIN package?

You need to go to your user account on SHEIN’s website to check your orders. Once you are on your orders page, click view details on your products. if the item is shipped, you will see tracking order details available for you to click on.

If your items are not shipped, there is no tracking information for you to track.

IS SHEIN delivery time accurate?

If your package ship from SHEIN’s US warehouse, there is more chance that the delivery time is accurate. There are fewer parties involved in domestic shipping, and probably only one carrier, so there are fewer opportunities to have a delayed package.

If your package ship from SHEIN’s China warehouse, there is a high chance that the delivery time is going to be either early or late. International shipping has a main carrier, and local carrier involved, and also there are many things uncontrolled such as customs clearance, flight delays, port congestion, etc.

SHEIN may deliver your package before the estimated date, or after the estimated date for the international package.

Why is my package from SHEIN taking so long?

The transit time of your SHEIN package depends on where SHEIN ships your package from. If SHEIN ships your package from China, the quickest method going to take 5~7 days. the standard shipping going to take between 10~14days.

If SHEIN has your items in their US warehouse, then you will get them as quickly as 3 days.

How do I make SHEIN ship faster?

You can choose the items that offer Quickship. Quickship can ship fast than standard shipping, but you need to pay $3.99 if your order amount has not reached $9.9. Quickship takes between 3~5 days.

You can choose express shipping on your package. The majority of items on SHEIN offer express shipping. You will need to pay a $12.90 shipping fee if your order does not exceed $129.

What happens if your SHEIN package doesn’t come?

You can contact customer service for a refund, or you can go to your SHEIN user account and select refund.

Can you return SHEIN after trying it on?

You can return items that are unwashed, unworn, undamaged, and have the original tags on.

Some of the items cannot be returned such as bodysuits, underwear, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Any items already noted can not return or exchange then you cannot return them.