How Does FedEx Ship Its Cargo?

FedEx company ships its cargo by air, ocean, and ground domestically and internationally.

FedEx corporation divides its business into 7 operating units: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Logistics, FedEx Services, FedEx Dataworks, and FedEx office.

Individual people go to the local FedEx office using FedEx Express, or FedEx Ground commonly to ship packages, documents, etc. Businesses usually use FedEx Freight, and FedEx logistics to ship freight.

Does FedEx ship things by plane?

FedEx Express ship its international package, and some domestic packages by plane. FedEx Express is an operation unit of FedEx corporation. FedEx Express is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

FedEx Express delivers freight and packages to over 220 countries. Based on that FedEx express delivers daily approximately 6.21 million packages.

What type of planes does FedEx use?

Based on that FedEx owns 416 aircraft itself in the year 2022. Besides its airplanes, FedEx also contracted 282 planes with 3rd parties.

FedEx’s air fleet most consists of Airbus A300-600RF, Boeing 757-200SF, Boeing 767-300F, Boeing 777F, and less amount of Mcdonnell Douglas MD-10-30F, McDonnell Douglas MD-11F.

How fast is FedEx air?

  • There are 2 types of FedEx international airfreight.
    • FedEx international air freight delivers packages to most major cities worldwide in 1~5 days.
    • FedEx international economy freight delivers packages within 5days

Besides international airfreight, FedEx also flies packages between states. FedEx overnight and 2 days services are shipped by air.

FedEx does fly during the day, at night, and at weekend. Neither FedEx nor customers can earn money when the package is in transit, so everyone wants the package to deliver early or on time.

According to the FedEx pilot who flies Boeing 767-300, a first officer’s average salary is $208/hour, captain’s salary is around $313/hour.

Does FedEx fly live animals?

FedEx flies live animals such as horses, livestock, and zoo animals mostly to and from zoo locations. FedEx also flies reptiles, fish, and insects under certain conditions. Before you fly any live animals you better check with the FedEx animal desk (1-800-405-9052) for the requirements of transport.

You do not want to ship animals using a regular air shipment because regular freight areas do not have good air circulation and are un-pressurized. Your animals probably arrive dead.

here is a good video to see inside of the FedEx Express world hub

Does FedEx ship things by sea?

FedEx ships things by sea but the majority is for business or big-volume freight. It is more economical to ship cargo by sea than air for big volumes. It is also true that ocean freight takes much longer than air freight.

How long FedEx sea takes depends on where is your origin and destination. For example, it takes around 20 days from the port of shanghai to the port of Los Angeles, fast shipping can take as less as 12 days.

FedEx does not own any cargo vessels but they charter small cargo vessels often, especially during the years 2011 and 2022. FedEx charted 3 small vessels in the year 2022 to ship its containers from china to the Port of Hueneme.

Does FedEx ship via rail?

Yes, FedEx ships via rail. Rail is one of the import transport methods for Fedex’s big volume freight which goes to the same destination.

FedEx can put a couple of hundred containers or truck trailers on a train instead of having a couple of hundred trucks goes to the same destination. Ship by train is a great way to consolidate freight and lower cost for FedEx.

Do FedEx trucks run all night?

FedEx trucks do not run all night. The latest time of day a package can be delivered is around 8 pm. There is no home delivery after 8 PM.

FedEx home delivery also delivers on Saturday and Sunday to most residential locations.

FedEx Group service comes in a truck. It takes 1~5days based on geographic distance.

According to some FedEx truck drivers they drive around 200 miles per day in rural areas and 55 miles per day in urban areas. It does not matter how many miles each driver drive, they make approximately 50~90 stops per day.

It makes sense that FedEx drivers drive more miles in rural areas because houses are scattered around. In urban areas, the population is dense so does houses, and office buildings, FedEx drivers can make more stops during a short distance.

How does FedEx decide to ship by plane, rail, or truck?

What transport method will Fedex choose depends on your budget and how fast you want your stuff. FedEx will give you suggestions and quotes based on your requirements.

If you want your packages fast then they should ship by air. If your stuff is big and bulk, shipping by sea or rail is more economical but slower. Domestic freight is also the same. Rail is more economical but slow. The truck is always used for ground shipping and last-mile delivery.

  • If you have small items and need them to arrive within a couple of days
    • FedEx will ship your items by air
  • If you have big freight and are on a budget
    • FedEx declared anything over 150lbs as freight
    • FedEx will ship your international freight by the ocean. Domestic freight by rail.

What countries does FedEx not ship to?

FedEx ships package to over 220 countries but there are still 27 countries or territories that FedEx does not have service to so far. Below is a list of these 27, not severed countries.

Central African Republic – CF
Equatorial Guinea – GQ
Guinea Bissau – GW
Iran – IR
Johnston Island
Korea, North (North Korea)
Mayotte Island
Myanmar – MM
Saint Pierre Et Miquelon
Sao Tome & Principe
Sierra Leone – SL
Solomon Islands
Somalia – SO
St. Helena (S. Atlantic)
Sudan – SD
Syria – SY
Tokelau Islands
Turkmenistan, Republic Of – TM
Wake Islands

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