Amazon Shipping 8 Things You Should Know

1, Shipping companies that Amazon uses to deliver your package

There are 5 major carriers that Amazon uses heavily and over 30 other carriers worldwide also deliver packages for Amazon. 4 out of 5 that your packages will be delivered by these major carriers. Amazon major carrier’s list is below:

  • UPS
  • US Postal office
  • Amazon ( also known as Amazon logistics )
  • Fedex
  • DHL Express

Here are strategies to avoid Amazon high shipping cost

Shipping cost is expensive in recent years because of supply chain issues, so does amazon shipping. Purchase prime membership if you are a routine Amazon shopper. Purchase similar items that offer free shipping. Plan and avoid expedited shipping.

2, Can you choose your carrier for delivery?

Generally speaking, you can not, because Amazon already set up the shipping price and limit the carriers that sellers can use. If you are persistent to choose the carrier you want, you can reach the seller and ask them to use the carrier you like. You have to be willing to pay any extra expenses incurred about switching shipping companies.

3, The cost of Amazon shipping

Everybody knows that Amazon shipping is expensive. Recently I bought a pair of shoes with wheels for my daughter. The shoes cost me $98, but the shipping costs an extra $25. I almost want to drop off the shopping cart, if it is not a Christmas gift my daughter wants.

Below two tables show Amazon domestic shipping cost and international shipping cost for different items

4, Amazon’s shipping options

When you order a product from Amazon, you have 4 different shipping options you can choose from. One day shipping, two day shipping, expedited shipping and regular shipping.

One-day shipping and two-day shipping are the fastest shipping options you can choose. You will pay a good sum of money on this shipping option if you are not a prime member.

Like amazon clarified on their website that one-day or two-day shipping is not guaranteed, even you choose expedited shipping. Because not all of amazon’s products listed online have immediate availability, so selecting one-day shipping does not necessarily guarantee you will receive the product within the same day.

Expedited shipping options offer 2~6 days delivery. Regular shipping takes about 4~14 business days. International shipping time varies greatly from country to country but normally will take 3~6 weeks.

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5, How to choose amazon shipping economically

Purchase amazon prime if you are a regular online shopper

Prime membership will save you money in the long run. Amazon carries almost everything you need in daily life. Prime is a good choice if you buy things routinely on amazon.

Try to avoid fast shipping if it is not free of charge

There are many things like books, movies, you do not have to get them within two days. You can save a big chunk of shipping costs by waiting extra 2~3 days.

6, The secret of free shipping

You get free shipping on Amazon in 2 ways : prime membership or Amazon’s promotion

If you are a prime member you can get free same-day or two-day delivery as long as this item participates in prime. ( there is a prime sign besides price under the product picture)

Pay attention there are many items not eligible for prime. that means even you are a prime member does not mean any products you purchased going to deliver to you free. that’s the mistake I made. I thought after I paid for prime membership, all my purchases from amazon going to be shipping free, it’s not true.

Amazon also offers free delivery on many items, if your purchase amounts up to $25. The same rule applies here, not all items are eligible for free shipping. You have to pick up the ELIGIBLE items and amount total up to $25, then you can get free shipping

7, Amazon’s return policy

If amazon fulfills your order then you can return anything during valid date, except:

  • The seller is outside of US
  • The buyer is outside of US
  • Dangerous goods
  • Overweight or oversize items

To improve buyers’ experience and their trust in shopping on amazon, amazon encourages their sellers to offer free returns. If the seller offers a free return then either you get a refund on your return shipping or you can request a prepaid shipping label from the seller to mail out the product.

8, Amazon’s refund shipping policy

Amazon’s delivery guarantee

if amazon guaranteed a delivery date and did not hit it, then you can request fully refund of any shipping cost associtated with this shipment

Amazon’s delivery guarantee includes one-day shipping, prime two days delivery. if you did not receive the product within the time frame, you should email, or chat with amazon customer service. You should be able to get a full refund of the shipping cost. if you are a prime member you will get a one-month free prime

Shipper’s fault

if the shipper ships wrong or damaged products to you then the shipper is fully responsible for original and return shipping charges