Do Amazon Drivers Know What They Are Delivering?

Amazon Drivers do not know what they are delivering unless the box comes apart or opens up. Drivers only see the address and receiver’s name from the outside of the package.

Does the amazon delivery man know what’s inside the box?

Based on amazon drivers aren’t given any information on what is inside the box. They only know where they are going to deliver.

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however, sometimes the boxes or envelopes can come apart or open up then they may see what’s inside it.

Same as Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and DHL drivers also do not know what’s inside their delivery packages.

Are all amazon shipments shipped out in amazon boxes?

No, not all amazon shipments shipped out in amazon boxes

Small items are usually shipped to customers in bubble envelopes. Majority of items ship to customers in amazon brown boxes.

If your items are shipped out directly by manufacturers, they are probably in the original packing, with a product picture on the outside of the box.


FedEx and UPS like you to use their standard envelopes and boxes.

USPS seems to accept any boxes as long as they are not ridiculously large or heavy. I have been shipping out or receiving products in all kinds of sizes boxes, envelopes, or even handmade bags for USPS.

Do amazon packages say what’s in them?

Most sellers on amazon ship their products in standard brown boxes. the only thing you can see on the outside of the box is the label. There is no way to know what’s in the box unless it’s opened.

The one exception is that your items are shipped out from the manufacturer directly, then the product is in its original package, and the driver will know what is it. large items such as furniture, televisions, and vacuums are normally in their original package. I remembered once I purchased a pressure cooker and it comes in its original package, so the driver knows it is a pressure cooker.

The other exception is for international items: you purchase products from other countries or ship products to other countries.

International shipping needs to clear customs, so shippers need to place invoices, and packing slips on the outside of the box in a clear pouch. Shippers have to write descriptions of goods and values for customs purposes.

When you ship internationally through FedEx or DHL, you always see a clear pouch outside of the package.

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How many packages does an amazon driver deliver per day?

Amazon drivers will deliver 240~330 packages a day on average. They make approximately 140~210 stops per day.

Amazon drivers typically work 12 hours a day. Most drivers said that it is a tiring and demanding job.

Below is a good video to let you have a close look at a typical working day of an amazon delivery driver

Are amazon drivers’ GPS tracked throughout their delivery?

Amazon drivers use an electronic device called ” Rabbit” to scan each package and for route navigation.

Besides the rabbit device, drivers also need to install an app called ” mentor” on their phones. This mentor app monitor how good or bad the driver drives and scores the driver each day at the end of their shift.

How much did amazon pay for their drivers?

Most amazon delivery drivers are paid hourly. The typical Amazon delivery driver makes roughly $16 per hour. Drivers get annual raise of about $0.25 per hour.

Does the delivery driver ask for the date of birth?

I have never had drivers ask for my date of birth, but once the driver ask for my ID to receive the iPhone I bought online.

Amazon in the UK declares that their drivers will ask for the date of birth when they deliver age-restricted items to customers

Does the amazon driver take pictures of the delivery?

Yes, amazon drivers will take pictures of the delivery when a package is unattended.

Based on that the photo on delivery shows you that your package has arrived in a safe condition, and also shows you the location of your package.

You can find delivery photos under the track your package tab in your orders.

Not only do amazon drivers take delivery photos, but Walmart drivers also do this too. Walmart sent me a link to look at the delivery picture after the package was delivered. Personally, I like this extra service. I knew exactly where drivers leave my package through the picture.

Who is responsible for the lost package?

Generally speaking, the shipper is responsible for the lost package as long as the customer did not receive it.

If Amazon shows delivered but you did not receive it. You can do the following things

  • First file a complaint that you did not receive the package
  • If it is not resolved after 3 days, call amazon customer service
  • In most cases, the shipper will send you replaced items
  • If items are fulfilled by amazon, amazon will either refund you or give you a credit

if you claimed a couple of times of lost packages, you will be on amazon’s list. Amazon will require a signature on any of your shipments afterward. Amazon may also refuse to deliver to this address.

To prevent lost packages in the future, you can try

  • Use an Amazon locker
  • Request signature
  • Put detailed delivery instructions such as leave at the front door or leave at the back door at delivery